Post-Employment Questionnaires

The Questionnaires section allows you to easily create fully configurable questionnaires that can be used for any purpose including post-employment questionnaires, testing for levels of stress, and lifestyle questionnaires.

Our default set of questions allows you to perform post-employment questionnaires that can be tailored to your specific requirements. Post-employment questionnaires allow you to make any necessary changes to the workplace based on the individual needs of the employee.

With our Questionnaire Suites, it is easy to combine different questionnaires in order to create a single set of questions specific to a particular job role. For example, you may have a more general questionnaire that is applicable across an organisation that can then be combined with a questionnaire that is only relevant to those employees who will be operating heavy machinery. Questionnaires can be reused across multiple suites making it easy to create sets of questions that are perfectly suited to an employee’s position and which do not contain questions that are unnecessary or irrelevant.

The user setting up the questionnaire is able to determine the flow of the questions such that individual questions can be asked or skipped according to their relevance. For example, a questionnaire can be designed so that if a user answers ‘Yes’ to Question One, they will be taken straight to Question Three.

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